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TAB Performance has proudly introduced the Folsom Prison Series Handlebars, a new line of motorcycle bars. Building on our success with our Zombie Baffles and other products, these innovative bars offer a wide range of benefits making them stand out from any other product on the market.

Comfort on Every Curve
comfort on every curveNarrowed to improve your posture & reduce strain on your shoulders and back. Also making cornering and slow maneuvers less of a stretch.

Perfect Height

To ape or not to ape... Available in 12", 14" & 16" so you can ride where you are the most comfortable.

Snag-less Design
The interior has a smooth finish eliminating any ridges for wires to get snagged on. Plus, the 1.5-inch diameter has plenty space for all those cables.

Rust Protection
Rust Protection from tip to tipPowder coated from tip to tip for protection against rust and corrosion.

True Height Measurement

true height measurementMeasured from the base to the middle of the grip, NOT the highest point, to provide you with a genuine rise position.

Seamless Transition
seamless transitionGradual
taper to the hydraulic reservoir for a more visually appealing finish.

Giving Back

wheels for warriors5% of all sales goes to Wheels 4 Warriors USA.

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NEW! Folsom Prison Series Handlebars for HD Touring

Our Price: $499.95