Folsom Prison Handlebars for Indian Motorcycle

Folsom Prison Handlebars for Indian Motorcycles

Folsom Prison Handlebars for Indian Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle isn't only about speed and power — it's about comfort, control, and style, particularly over long distances where comfort becomes crucial to the overall riding experience. TAB Performance understands this and has meticulously designed the Folsom Prison Handlebars to enhance the riding experience for Indian motorcycle enthusiasts.

Comfort on Every Curve

The Folsom Prison Handlebars are engineered to improve your posture while reducing strain on your shoulders and back. This focus on ergonomics makes cornering and navigating through slow maneuvers much more manageable, helping you ride longer without the usual fatigue. Their narrowed design ensures that every ride is as comfortable as it is thrilling, letting you truly enjoy the beauty of the open road without the usual physical toll.

Snag-Less Design

Every rider knows the frustration of cables getting snagged, which can distract from the enjoyment of the ride. The Folsom Prison Handlebars tackle this problem head-on with a smooth interior finish that eliminates any ridges where wires could get caught. The 1.5-inch diameter also allows ample space for all necessary cables, ensuring a clean setup that maintains the sleek look of your bike.

Perfect Height Options

Customization is key to personalizing your motorcycle, and the Folsom Prison Handlebars deliver with options that fit your style and comfort preferences. Available in +4, +6, and +8 inches over stock, these handlebars allow you to choose the perfect height, ensuring your arms rest comfortably, enhancing control, and reducing fatigue during long rides.

Rust Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

TAB Performance doesn't just design for comfort and functionality; durability and style are also paramount. These handlebars are powder-coated from tip to tip, providing robust protection against rust and corrosion. Additionally, the seamless transition to the hydraulic reservoir adds a visually appealing finish that complements the overall aesthetics of your motorcycle.

By choosing the Folsom Prison Handlebars, you're not simply investing in superior handling and comfort — you're also supporting a good cause. TAB Performance donates 5% of all sales from these handlebars to Wheels 4 Warriors USA, helping veterans transition back into civilian life. Upgrade your ride with these handlebars and enjoy the freedom that truly comes with riding — because with TAB Performance, freedom really is behind bars. Order now and transform your Indian motorcycle into a beacon of comfort and style on the road.

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