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Interchangeable Baffle Cores

Are you tired of your stock bike sounding like a sewing machine? Are you wanting better performance from your ride? It's time to upgrade your baffles, and we've got some great options for you!

1.75 Louvered Baffles: This is our quietest baffle. It is slightly louder than stock without being overwhelming. The narrow louvered core enhances exhaust velocity, resulting in excellent low-end torque production.

2.5 Louvered Baffles: The spiraled louvered core of the baffle produces high exhaust velocities, resulting in significant low-end torque. This design ensures that the torque is maintained into the upper RPMs. Additionally, the baffles produce a deep, robust tone that is notably louder than stock.

Zombie Baffles: These are our absolute loudest baffle. Rumor has it that they are the loudest on the market. The free-flowing design produces great mid-range torque and horsepower with a very aggressive tone. These baffles excel in the upper RPM range for optimal performance.

Choice of baffle is included in your BAM stick purchase. If you are ordering replacement baffles, please be aware that our baffles are only compatible with our BAM sticks and not with other aftermarket pipes.

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replacement baffles for 4 inch TAB Performance Indian Touring and Bagger Exhaust Pipes Indian Touring and Bagger Replacement Baffles

Years: 2014-Up
Models: Indian Touring & Bagger
Finish: N/A

Our Price: $109.95

harley-davidson street & indian scout replacement baffles for TAB Performance exhaust Indian Scout Replacement Baffles

Years: 2014 - Up
Models: HD Street & Indian Scout
Finish: N/A

Our Price: $104.95