Raider World

After serving 14 Years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps and as a Marine Raider, I felt it was time to change boots, and go on a different ride. My time in service, Special Operations, and adventures around the World has laid the foundation for who I am today I always had a passion for Motorcycles. During and After the Military, I discovered weather I was riding or working on them, I felt a sense of freedom. A freedom from stress, anger, grief, etc. A form of therapy and mental fitness. There’s nothing like letting cruising winds blow away life’s daily struggles. The doors of opportunity are there, you alone have the freedom to open them. In this channel, I cover a variety of topics to include: Installation and Reviews of Harley Davidson and Aftermarket Harley Davidson Parts, traveling/touring, and your occasional Veteran Owned Company Shout-Out.