How to Choose the Right Baffle

How to choose the right baffle

How to Choose the Right Baffle

Choosing the perfect motorcycle baffle isn't just about adjusting the volume of your ride—it's about enhancing performance and ensuring your bike sounds just as good as it feels. At TAB Performance, we understand that the right baffle can transform your motorcycle's exhaust system, balancing sound control with optimal engine output.

Understanding Baffles

A motorcycle baffle is an internal component of the muffler designed to manage exhaust flow and noise. Stock mufflers usually contain multiple chambers and directional changes to dampen sound. However, these can restrict the exhaust flow, impacting performance. TAB Performance baffles are engineered to overcome these limitations, offering a perfect blend of noise control and exhaust efficiency.

Choosing Your Baffle

When selecting a baffle for your motorcycle, consider how you want your ride to sound and perform. TAB offers several baffle options:

  • 1.75 Louvered Baffle: Ideal for those who enjoy long rides and need clear audio from their radios. It offers a modest sound increase without being overpowering, enhancing low-end torque.

  • 2.5 Louvered Baffle: Best for high-exhaust velocity bikes, this option supports higher RPMs with a deep, hearty tone, suitable for heavily modified motorcycles.

  • Zombie Baffle: Our loudest baffle, designed for riders who demand aggressive sound and performance. It supports maximum horsepower without compromising the exhaust note.

Pro Tips and Considerations

While removing your baffles might seem like a simple way to increase sound, it can adversely affect your motorcycle's engine and is not recommended. Instead, invest in quality aftermarket baffles that provide the flexibility to adjust sound and performance without engine risk. Our removable baffles are ideal for riders planning engine modifications, allowing easy swaps to match new setups.

Whether you're cruising the countryside or powering through the city, the right baffle can make all the difference. Explore TAB Performance’s range of motorcycle parts and accessories to find the perfect baffle for your ride. Enhance your motorcycle’s sound and performance today!

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