How to Choose the Right Slip-On

How to choose your slip-ons

How to Choose the Right Slip-On

Upgrading your motorcycle with slip-on mufflers is a straightforward way to enhance the aesthetics, sound, and performance of your ride without the complexity and expense of a full exhaust system overhaul. Slip-ons are an ideal choice for riders looking to make functional and cosmetic improvements effortlessly.

Understanding Slip-Ons

Slip-on mufflers are designed to replace the stock pipes, providing a boost in sound quality and engine performance. These mufflers attach directly to the existing exhaust system, making them an easy, cost-effective upgrade. By altering the look and sound of your bike, slip-ons allow for a personalized touch while respecting the motorcycle's original engineering integrity.

4" B.A.M Sticks

The original 4" B.A.M Sticks are perfect for those who prefer a classic, understated look with significant performance benefits. These are compatible with various models like the Harley-Davidson FL Touring from 1995 and up, including newer Trikes and Indian Bagger models from 2014 onwards. The compatibility with Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) heat shields ensures a seamless fit over the muffler body, allowing for an enhancement in both style and sound without compromising the motorcycle's lines.

4.5" B.A.M Sticks

For riders seeking a slightly more pronounced presence, the 4.5" B.A.M Sticks provide a deeper growl and a fuller rear profile. These are ideal for motorcycles with stretched bags, filling out the rear end with a robust look and sound. Note, these do not fit Trikes, ensuring specificity for riders with particular models.

5" 50 Cal

The 5" 50 Cal models stand out as the largest in diameter, designed for those who demand a bold statement. This muffler features a meaty full figure from the back, filling out extended bags spectacularly. Its distinctive sound and volume level set it apart, suitable for recent Harley-Davidson FL Touring models from 2017 onwards, but not for Trikes or Indian motorcycles.

Customization Options

One of the appealing aspects of TAB Performance slip-ons is the ability to choose from different tip styles. Whether you prefer a straight cut or a slash tip, you can select the design that best fits your aesthetic preferences. If you opt for a flipped slash tip, consider a tip extender to ensure the exhaust gases are directed away from the bike, preserving both style and functionality.

When choosing your slip-on mufflers, consider not only the sound and look you desire but also the specific compatibility with your motorcycle model to ensure a perfect enhancement. For further customization, the separate baffle options provided by TAB Performance allow you to fine-tune the sound output, making your riding experience uniquely yours.

Upgrading to TAB Performance slip-ons is more than just an enhancement; it's a transformation of your motorcycle into a more powerful, personalized machine. Explore our selection, find the perfect fit for your bike, and elevate your ride today.

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